Monday, February 21, 2011

My drawings and Isotypes

I have noticed over the last few years that I often revert to drawing figures in a very simplistic fashion, no more than a few shapes or what I would call an 'enclosure'. I have a number of these scattered about and have been unsure how to progress them.
Read More On Saturday last, while drifting around the corridors in that noble establishment the V&A, I stumbled on a room dedicated to the Isotype. Here celebrated as an art-form were the icons that work as signs without words, signs or pictograms that cross all language barriers and work in every culture. It really was 'a moment' for me, and I recognized what those simple drawings I had made were, a sort of isotype.
Having one in the studio half painted I returned to it and simplified it with extended white areas. Finding a balance between the natural line and the machine line and between subtle modulation and flat machine colour is important. Can something this simple work, everything has to work so hard when there is so little.
Looks good to me, but tomorrow is another day