Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oyster Framing

After four weeks with the doors closed to customers Oyster Framing is back in business with a whole new interior. The workshop and consulting area have had a complete revision of spaces and flow to improve the look and efficiency. I share this with you, not only because Martin (my son) is Oyster Framing, but also because of my being invited there for most of January in my capacity as carpenter-joiner. It was fun, a continual flow of ideas scribbled on cardboard that were rapidly transcribed into reality, then sorting out what was ergonomic sense over against aesthetic values and so on - all beautifully enhanced with coffee and chocolate wagon wheels.

As a reward I did get to show some work in the new gallery space, work drawn from a number of years, note the dancer above (and below) that has appeared again on the retail market after a some while.

Martin and I are both about to launch new websites tomorrow, always a rather fraught activity but as with workshops, collaboration pays off every time. My longer term objective is to integrate my 'Park Road Studio Blog into the site itself and to construct a better searchable database for my art images - this as you will notice will not all happen at once!
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