Monday, February 14, 2011

Reflections on the Baroque

This beautiful Baroque frame was destitute, broken and on it's way to a landfill site. Even though it is only a cast reproduction I took pity on it, next thing it found it's way into my workshop to be repaired. A new canvas was made for it and I wondered how could I best use this surprise acquisition?
It is the antithesis of everything we do now. Could I possibly paint anything that would be compatible, anything to marry this surround.

Today I thought about Antoine Watteau, arguable one of histories greatest painters. I pulled a book of the shelf and revisited his work, it is exquisite. All along the only subjects that had suggested themselves for the frame were flowers or a head, in the light of Antoine Watteau I settled on the head. His colours were so often Cerulean, Red Ochre and Silver-Pinks. It was possible that these I could transfer to my time and they may prove to be the conssumation of the union I had planned. With a drawing from the Spanish Sketchbook I quickly laid in the idea with two colours, Red Ochre and Cerulean Blue. At this point it holds.