Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girls head

Writing about this piece is not dissimilar to the paint sessions, erasure and more erasure. Finding an arrangement that I could bear took awhile, This is it yesterday. How long it lasts is another matter.
To day a book came to me, from my son, an extraordinary book by that noble publisher Abrams.  A heavy volume called 'Giacometti, A sketchbook of interpretive drawings.' It contains three brief efforts of Giacometti to explain the books contents, what he calls 'the copy-interpretations'. These writings he sent to his friend Carluccio the day before his final illness. The book is filled only with many many personal scribbled copies of old /modern masters. As he stumbles to give an account of these drawings taken from all his life one is struck by his profound honesty. His own vulnerable journey to draw and capture life.

With this in mind I went to look again at the girls head I had painted. It remains an enigma. It remains intact.