Monday, March 21, 2011

The Iron Banner

Finding a home for the Iron Banner

This is a piece I call 'banner'. Although I have great affection for this and yet it has never had the attention it deserves. It came with us when we moved Three years ago and when clearing behind the shed last week I found it lying neglected behind the compost heap!

Measuring about four feet across and made of one eighth sheet steel it is heavy and the problem has always been is how to display it high enough to see it against the sky, for against the sky is where it must be, not behind the compost. So the question is, where do I place it and how do I secure a heavy steel banner in the sky high enough to please me without the wind blowing it over.

I made it under the watchful eye of Hamish Black at his wonderful studio-workshop on the South Downs. He made no comment on my work and I did struggle with the material. Steel is compelling stuff, and Hamish, a gentle giant of a man with a great black beard seemed able to persuade it easily into any shape he wished. I have not returned to steel as a medium - I just have this lovely Banner lying on the lawn when it should be in the sky! 

It needs two things, a good plan and a wad of cash.