Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drawing the land

Last week I sat on a bank, out of the wind and made pencil drawings of the cliff tops looking towards Happisburgh. I made five or so drawings as I tried to pin down what it was that engaged me at this particular spot. At two thirty the sky, or rather the clouds, arranged themselves in some sort of complimentary fashion that I drew in on a chosen vertical alignment in this drawing. (see below)
My landscape drawings now are precise, no longer dashed of in a flourish of tone, as a new accuracy is called for. The object of the precision has to be extracted from my feeling, which line, which angle is it that contains the melody. All the interferance must be eliminated in order to see what was felt. This is what takes a while.
To transfer this skeletal matrix of lines to a canvas and oils comes next. I have a few of these drawings and I am saving them for the October show if I am able to invest these lines with a worthwhile interpretation of colour.