Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Some months ago I found myself with an hour to wait in the concourse of Sienna's northbound station Santa Junta. While sitting on my case I made this drawing that roughly maps the ground plan and major pedestrian movements in that part of the building. Its a mix of plans, elevations and imaginary walkways. With this understanding of the space I made another drawing (below). This is a progression that engages with the interior volume, an awareness of the space, the height and perhaps an indication of scale.

I then caught the 13.45 train to Madrid on that hot September afternoon. Back in the studio I picked up the drawings and worked on a small 30cm square canvas and tried to capture that open space on a small canvas. Shown below is the finished oil that for me was quite satisfactory, and for someone else who bought it recently. They now have a bit of Spanish air that I brought home with me.