Saturday, April 23, 2011

the large Picnic

This enigmatic figure resides at the centre of a large canvas painted around 1991 and is the one in the new exhibition that has returned to the market. I have had it the studio for cleaning, re-varnishing along with a new frame colour. After all this attention It is beginning to look rather splendid.
This, the central piece dipicts a family picnic, a simple reality with children playing on the grass and in the water. This rather transient meal is played off against two small side painting that stand for an after/parallel life. These small supprting works are shown behind muslin veils to reflect our own experience of life and the difficulty of seeing beyond it.
Measuring some six feet high it is not something you will miss, and I only show you this detail as a taster on purpose - so do come on the 5th May preview or the show to see it because it has to be worth it, I promise!