Friday, April 15, 2011

taught by Raphael

I have read that if you are going to copy, only copy the best! This watercolour, dated 1991, is one I would have done as a practice piece for its pose, its colours and sheer elegance. Although she is holding a paper with Raphael I am unsure who painted the original, perhaps someone may be able to help me there . .  Seeing it again after 20 years is interesting, the body colour in the hair is not quite right, a few more hard edges would not go amiss, but apart from those niggles it is rather beautiful. In the early days I frequently copied old masters as part of my self commissioned training as this example shows. This mode of working invariably involved changing the medium in the way that this is translated into watercolour. Other times I would just take the colours and change the motif, always copying, learning and looking.
So look out for this classic piece on MAY 5, because we will both be there!

PS. yes it is Raphael, there she is Sappho, bottom left.