Monday, June 13, 2011

Making templates

The new steel sculpture       see steelworks
The first task in hand is to transfer the flat patterns from the maquette to templates for the fabricator to use with a plasma cutter on the steel sheet.
First I used 'photo mount' to make some thin paper tacky and laid it on the curved sections and marked out the actual shape. These I scanned at 100% and using Adobe Illustrator drew 'nice' curves over my traced lines and then overlaid the patterns with 1cm squares.
To achieve a life size figure I need to expand the maquette x4 times. On a sheet of white painted hardboard I draw 4cm squares and plot the curves on to the hardboard. The plasma cutter requires a 4mm inset on the line so I cut the hardboard 4mm small and clean up the edges.
Various folds and weld lines are marked up and all is ready for Peter the fabricator!
Now I need to redesign the plinth and choose some colours.