Friday, July 15, 2011

32 pins

The Arcadia series have stalled bit. At the last mention I planned some wings instead of frames, and these had been made in a flurry of workshop activity. Now the 16 wings for the 8 pictures need 32 copper pins to join the together. I have some copper rod in the workshop and proceed to drill the wings to accommodate the pins, then glue pin and wing together. I must do this before finishing the wings in case I damage the delicate surface putting back to square one.
First it is grain filler, rub down, then a couple of coats of white emulsion and rub down again checking for missed flaws. After addressing these details I strain some emulsion using a nylon stocking into a clean dish. I am using the colour 'soft antelope' which I then thin with water to minimise brush marks. The drawback of thin paint is lack of coverage so three or four coats are needed and coat of thinned acrylic varnish. This will be 'knocked back' with fine wire wool and polished for the final look.
I like to expand my work in this way - it is needful in order to maintain the excentric nature of the pieces - making them extraordinary, and a little wonderful to see.