Friday, July 1, 2011

Arcadian wings

My series of small oil panels 'Arcadia' had run into framing problems as mentioned in an earlier blog due to the rounded edges and unusual nature - they defied framing and needed some additional finish.
Yesterday it occurred to me that wings could well solve the problem, and mocked up some cardboard to judge effect and sizes. It looked good, and even better when the external corners were given small rounds to reflect the rounded panels. The panel measures 10 x 15 cm so it seemed natural to make the wings 10 x 5 cm. They will be attached to the panels with copper rod drilled and glued to give a 5mm space between panel and wing. Made of plywood with a chamfered edge to reduce apparent bulk they will have a satin off white paint finish.
With sixteen wings to make it became a mini production line in the workshop, all made, rounded and pre-drilled before coffee. The paint finish will take a little longer.