Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cezanne & Noguchi

One song from different masters
Development, the growth of understanding in an artist, interests me. This interest is either as a comfort - a sort of identification with them where I can find encouragement or a mode of simply learning from their discoveries in perception and technique. A recent literary acquisition is Roger Fry's 'Cezanne, a study of his development', A title I could not easily pass by, and written by a man was both and artist and a critical writer. I am reading this alongside 'Isamu Noguchi,a journey without borders' and finding surprising parallels. Both knew from childhood that they were artists and both having to work through false expectations in order to extract what Fry calls 'that reality under the veil of appearance'. This unlikely couple had a mutual sense of not belonging alongside reclusive working with a remarkable purity of vision.
Noguchi's pared down Japanese modernity that he draws from ancient traditional values entrenched in the craftsmen he worked with seems to resonate with the labours of that grand old man in Aix.
This is a thread I think worthy of emulation, that simplicity, rhythm and vision.