Monday, August 8, 2011

Flowers 2

Degas still speaks to me

Recently I painted some flowers on a wet afternoon.
I thought they were an aside, a diversion.
While looking at them today I wondered, how would they look if they were reworked much bigger, and I wondered about those four divisions that I recognized in the smaller work.
Degas also came to mind, for one of his students recalled that while copying in the Louvre, was told by the master to be sure his prepared ground was coloured with a strong viridian, nothing else would do.
As these thoughts converged in my mind I resolved to paint a new ground for what will be 'Flowers 2'
This canvas is around 1M square has received the strongly coloured ground it deserves.
I think it rather handsome.
In Photoshop I test the idea with a simple overlay, - interesting, but not quite how I see it in my mind.