Friday, August 5, 2011

Flowers on a wet afternoon

Painting Flowers on a wet afternoon

One of the important discoveries for me when examining reprints of Picasso's sketchbooks was the way he returns to realism every now and again, just as you would whistle a tune or drum your fingers while waiting for the next move. So yesterday when nothing was happening, lunchtime passed and the rain continued steadily,  . . . it was then I noticed these flowers on the table.
Making a satisfactory arrangement of colours on a board is not easy, and coupled with the representation of surface type and the engaging quality of summer flowers, the job was quite demanding.
The picture has formal qualities, retrospectively I see a grid, four section horizontally and four sections vertically that have predominant colour types.
Although concerned at the time the vase base was barely visible I felt no compulsion to change things and now the rightness of that judgement asserts itself as I view the work today.
The separation of abstract and realism is a thin one.  A wide range of view and practice will widen our ability to translate the appearance of things into a reality with some truthfulness. How abstract or how much verisimilitude will be a matter for our translation on the day.