Monday, August 29, 2011

Old town

The past plays tricks with me.
Last February I visited Rochester Castle with my grandchildren, we looked at dungeons, we climbed the ramparts, from the tower we viewed the town, and the cathedral. I took a photo for it looked so grand.
I write this on Saturday, for today I painted an interpretation of that photo. Last evening I prepared a large sheet of paper and today I painted in watercolour a picture of Rochester, laid out in ancient splendour. Above is a detail, showing my method of paint distribution adopted in order to create the illusion of houses and streets. This in turn needed to describe the underlying landmass on which it is built, for I wanted the land, the river and the town to co-exist as a natural form. This to me was more important that a narrow accuracy of street and path.

It portrays a pre-Renaissance hierarchy of thinking that has been largely abandoned in our age, but here stands a noble monument to that grand idea.