Friday, August 19, 2011

Picnic at La Gacilly 2

In Praise of Sensory Perception

Sensory perception, or Empirical thinking, has lost out in our age. Discredited, seen now as base and unreliable, it is a far cry from those pre-renaissance days when it was regarded as a noble thing. This change tends to weaken our ability to be elevated in a serious way by art and poetry (and faith), but even so, as my last post on this Picnic piece indicated, I set out to communicate the experience of our interaction with each other and the natural world on that afternoon in July in line and colour.
So, the work is done, and shown here is a detail. Ruth and I on the bank of the river Aff below La Gacilly suffused in drifts of green and blue. I have kept to elements of realism that disintegrate into overwhelming colour saturation not dissimilar to the way our senses are worked on by these situations.