Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The power of a flower

Larger than life, 
this oil painting is about 1M wide, and delivers quite considerable impact.
I held on to the compositional grid as mentioned in a previous blog. After the turquoise layer came a green-grey layer with crimson flowers, much of which is still visible. Looking long and hard at this I needed a little guidance, Chardin came off the shelf, after a few moments I alighted on 'woman taking tea' . She has a grey-green background, lightened with pale blue behind a red chest of drawers, an Idea I thought I could adapt for my flowers.
I worked much of the crimson out with some brighter red, then lightened the back with blue towards a cold pink, all to good effect. I resisted the temptation to add detail to the central leaves while keeping a very broad treatment with these final colours. Adding lines (pale blue and raw sienna) with oil sticks earlier on gave divisions and segments roughly suggested by the grid underneath and that now kept me on course.
The bare wood frame has been ordered, I still need to varnish the painting and do a proper paint job on the frame, then after assembly by the framer - it will be ready for Oct 8.