Monday, August 22, 2011

The waiting game

There is often quite a long period between the inception of a drawing and the paintings they generate. There was about a year in this case, with a series of charcoal line drawings being shuffled into drawers, rediscovered, pinned on the wall, ignored and then one day a moment comes as was the case here. That moment occurred when I drew them on a canvas that had  a dirty green base. Drawn in a dark tone with a rigger I saw potential, yet again they were left, this time for about 3 months, not knowing how to proceed.
'Indian yellow' came to me one morning in association with this drawn image and I immediately set to work and added two other colours and left it. Again weeks passed. Then, with a book of traditional Saransatic Japanese fabric samples on one side, I worked the white patterns, Mixed the turquoise and the pale mauve to over-paint earlier mistakes and it came together. A matter of waiting and knowing - then working.
Shown here is a mock up frame in white that is awaiting completion, the white seems unfinished, perhaps another wait . . . . .