Monday, September 19, 2011

Chloe comes home

Friday I had the call!

Peter at 'Just Metal' tells me the steel figure is ready for collection. I found him and his neighbour sitting in plastic chairs drinking mugs of tea with the new sculpture between them and complaining that she didn't say much.
They asked what her name was, and at that time she was 'seated woman' - on the way home 'Chloe' came to me and has remained unless a better one occurs.
Although only x4 it has been surprising to be introduced to her suddenly all finished life size. Peter had been busy creating her from the patterns I had given him over many hours and was I think a little reluctant to part with her when finished.
Now set up in the studio I will attend to the surface finish. I become familiar with it - The steel as a material has to be embraced and maintained, its painted surface will celebrate its nature as it speaks with a soft voice.
A site has been selected so I must lay a concrete foundation this morning if it is to be in place by the 8th October show.

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