Monday, September 5, 2011

enclosed garden

new painting inspired by an earlier etching

Last Friday evening while looking for paper I came across the etching plate that printed the piece below, 'five virgins' from around 2005. This reminder overlapped the current drawing exercise I was engaged in and gave rise to the beginning I have reproduced above. Friday evening I coloured a ground with a sort of Veronese green for we to work on the next morning, and on Saturday I managed to bring it as far as you see it now.
The figures, the enclosure and arrangements are a remix of past discoveries, here re-invented in new colours and new combinations that prove to be of interest to me. The work was left for this morning as the problem of colouring the remaining figures successfully was difficult. I needed to clean the palette and make a fresh start on a fresh day to 'see' it more objectively. I enjoy the flat chosen colours and will seek to complete the puzzle in the same way, that old saying comes to mind - 'any fool can start a painting, finishing is a different matter'.

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