Tuesday, September 13, 2011

making visible

A fleeting glimpse of the spirit

My Psalm Project has been rather neglected. This painting is one of the few that been kept, it is one of three painted on thick card with gouache. Reading Psalms generate on the one hand a sense of some very robust thinking and speaking that is balanced out with extreme vulnerability. Trying to identify with this and to externalize the felt sensation is the brief I gave myself in the painting reproduced.
Within the small painting is immense strength and power, yet flickering in the colours and the mode of application is a sensitivity verging on the romantic. This is, I guess, why it has been kept. This is the invisible made visible, a fleeting glimpse of the spirit.
These pieces occurr in an unconscious moment and cannot be summoned on demand, I am looking to recognize more of such moments and make them visible. 

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