Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hans Cranach

Hercules at the Court of Omphale : inspired by Cranach

This painting is now complete, it has rested at the side of the studio for some time so that I can become accustomed to it while it dries. I resist any temptation to tidy it up, now with its little shelf in place and the objects painted it needs no more attention. Using old paintings and painters is very instructive, These early painters come across in a 'modern' way when reworked, by catching what for me is the essense of Cranach through re-drawing the power of his concept is retained.
I must be a bit pleased because I have chosen it as a leading picture for the forthcoming studio exhibition on the 8th October. It is a relief to complete a work of art, they are often resistent to closure, so reaching some sense of equalibrium along with a satisfying level of tension in the work, it allows me to move on to other pieces that need my attention.


  1. So many new exciting pictures... can't wait to see them in the 'flesh' on 8th October

  2. yep, more to do yet, time is evaporating - 4 weeks to go - see you then Jx


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