Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shadwell curry

Taking in the sights.

A sparkling autumn day is an Architectural viewing day! We are scheduled with our French grandchildren (8+10) to visit London. We use the Jubilee line to see the Hopkins (deepest) stunning new tube station, then popping out 112' from Big Ben + hot chocolate in a back ally cafe, back down to the Jubilee line to Fosters station at Canary warf, coming up through these amazing portals from the earth to the brilliant light was well appreciated ("like Star Wars Gandpa"). The elevated Dockland Light (driver less) railway was too much to resist, quick as a flash we are all aboard - and then the spontaneous alighting at Shadwell, yes Shadwell (above) were we entered wonderful Asian markets and an equally wonderful architectural skyline. A curry here was a must - on Commercial Road- then round the corner to The Whitechapel Art Gallery (free) stepping inside changed our horizons again. A final tube to Tower Hill where we examined the workings of Tower Bridge with an enormous soft ice cream to finish our day.
The eagerness, the diversity, the wonder fed my artistic spirit - and the curry was brilliant as well.