Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cage paintings

I get to see Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern

I have read quite a lot of Richter's writings and it's bleak, very bleak. But todays visit to the 'Panorama' show at Tate Modern of Richter's work stirred me - this is good because I nearly did not go.

His approach is to undermine established art statements. Like the monumental impasse that Duchamp set up, Richter will attack it head on to demolish it. He is very irreverent. I admire this in a painter. I encourage you to see the show in order to see this mindset in action.

The big finish to the show are the six Cage Paintings. Named after John Cage, (pictured above) the American avant-garde composer, whose work Richter greatly admires. 

Perhaps this shows when he (Richter) say 'I have nothing to say and I am saying it'. Engaged in what may be the philosophy of seeing, he introduces doubt that can enhance clarity. Addressing the problem of knowledge he assembles clear glass to challenge the apparent.  An old fashioned painter of consummate skill, he is a modern master.