Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Desperate measures

The sluggish painter

I suppose sluggish has to do with slugs. Today has been an uphill struggle, I have a few day to get back to painting after about seven weeks off which has resulted in a rather slug-like attitude. Far too much coffee was made today and far too much cake was eaten - a little work occurred later in the day.
I ask myself, should I leap into uncharted waters with brave new colours - or do what I know? In order to do something I opted for the latter and made three beginnings from old drawings because the old pump needs a little priming and any painting at this point is better than no painting. One can't re-invent the wheel every day so an old drawing served to kick start some action. This effort took place around 3.30pm when some pinks and greys were applied over an dry blue ground I found beside the plan chest. The black lines over the colour is the drawing below overlaid in photoshop for us to 'see' what's happening.
These forced starts are a real effort, with unpredictable success rate as far as the pictures are concerned but the spirit is coaxed into life by the sight and smell of the colours.
Tomorrow may be better.

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