Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hearing a story for the first time is very different to hearing it a second time, and making a story up is different again to reading it. Knowing the end affects the experience in various ways depending on the situations just cited.
For me, painting in some measure includes a known objective, like the story ending. This primary objective is not about colour or style, it is about sharing a subconscious or spiritual experience. Colour and style are just instruments, vehicles that will best communicate the designed sensation to the viewer.
I well remember Picasso saying the idea/form of a tree, a goat or a girl demands a different approach for they are different ideas and insist on being treated in different styles. Finding these diverse pictorial truths about the idea is the stuff of art.
This sketch is about just this journey, the search for a vehicle to carry an idea.
This approach maintains a genuine diversity that in turn prevents a monotonous voice.

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