Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jenny Holzer

Postmodernism at the V&A  

 As showmanship goes, it is absolutely brilliant, a dazzling showcase of all we know as 'postmodern' and a lot more. There is text, film, ceramics, architecture, fashion and design +.  
Earlier radical movements such as Impressionism and Punk have turned a profit as the protest becomes mainstream, adding the spice of rebellion to the dreary mediocrity of middle class living. For the V&A to catalogue this rage against the aesthetic and to invest in its icons proves that its power has peaked and it is now being subsumed into the establishment that it sought to undermine.
But I think not all, and these were the most memorable.
One for me was Jenny  Holzer's words in Times Square, PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT. It is so true that our whole planet destroying, soul destroying momentum is driven by our wills that makes this cry is so desperate. I wonder, just who is she addressing with these words?