Monday, November 21, 2011

Susa: the triptych

The Susa Triptych

One of the gallery sales for October was this small tripych (88cm wide) painted in spring 2010.
I found this piece quite satisfying and it hung in the studio for some time which says quite a lot for it. Made from four primed plywood panels, the back three joined with linen hinges and the flat 'table' stitched to them  with copper wire.
The emblems represent three people at a banquet. Esther according to the biblical narrative was queen at the palace at Susa, Queen Esther is on the left, her husband the king is central with the villain Haman on the right as per the drama played out in the text (see bible, Esther 5-7)
This narrative also prompted the video 'paper banquet' I made in April 2010.
This same Susa as represented by many interesting artifacts at the British Museum

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