Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turner Contemporary

Three days in Thanet

I do like unexpected places. We have had three very interesting days staying at The Royal Harbour Hotel in Ramsgate.
Beaches were walked on at Pegwell Bay and North Foreland, S/H bookshops were rummaged through on damp dark afternoons and a very acceptable French Restaurant close to the Hotel fed us superbly.
. . . . . and we went to the Turner Contemporary in Margate. Their current show 'Youth' picks up on the connection Margate has with rampant youth in the past with Mods, Rockers, Skinheads and Punk gangs who descended on dreamland in the past.
I found it a surprisingly moving show (and I have been to a few). The memory of adolescence, those days now gone, protest and suffering all returned at this cleverly curated show.
Looking back at all that youthful energy vented on the rich and the establishment that proved a such a potent mix was one thing, but looking at Margate now it's all rather dreary and deprived. So I did a double take while walking near the Turner Contemporary and overheard a man say to his toddler son while nodding at the Gallery 'it's the building that wants burning down'. Perhaps the arrival of all this new art and new money threatens the old guard, the slogans reproduced as 'art' inside may appear with more virility on the outside where they will not be viewed as art!