Thursday, December 29, 2011

Polke and Tiepolo

Yesterday afternoon I made this drawing of two figures. Its not unusual for me to draw such a thing and having read a lot of Roberto Calasso's book Tiepolo's Pink, to make a drawing that reflects late 18thC composition is to be expected. Although I am always drawn to the wonderful side of Tiepolo, is only a late flowering of a decadent wealth that I really dislike which makes me wonder why I emulate this style.
Another unfinished book by me is Sigma Polke: We Petty Bourgeoise, an artist to whom I am equally drawn and whose every stroke is to subvert and attack the establishment. 
My drawing was made as a compositional study for a new work and from the series  of studies it seemed the most satisfactory. Looking at it now it displays those 18thC characteristics of line and design that I admire while drawn in a rather jerky abrupt manner strangely at odds with the design. As I study the lines there is a distracting violence about them as they describe beauty that is not apparent at first. This I believe has always been part of my drawing and it is only now that I begin to see it.
Next I will have to transcribe this energy to the canvas and devise colour and tone schemes to complement the line type.
Can I really combine Polke and Tiepolo?

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