Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'tis the season of new books

Lucien Freud on paper

We are just back from France with early Christmas presents! This new book of Freud's drawings  came my way as a present, wow, all those early drawings in one book with etchings as well.
From my reading newspapers on the boat from St Malo it seems that drawing is gaining favour, what with Tracey Emin's new marriage to the RA as professor of drawing  and Royal Acadamy's  new show 'Driven to draw' it seems drawing may be all right after all.
My new book contains all sorts of drawings by Freud to revive the spirits and full of links with the past, including the Watteau inspired drawings that are so wonderful. My weakness for books continues, but here it pays off as it fires up my mind and motivates me to draw much more.
2012 could be good!

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