Friday, January 6, 2012

How to paint

Art teaching for Spring 2012  NOW SOLD OUT 

Following a number of requests I have devised some new art teaching days for March 2012.
I find teaching art  beset with problems, for the artist is easily swamped with quick ideas and other peoples solutions and consequently finding an authentic way forward that is valid takes us longer than we realize.
With this in mind I offer three sessions, these one day workshops address colour, creativity and figures. These modules will attempt to draw out the creative spirit in the individual as we engage in these universal subjects.

These one day sessions will be 9.00 - 4.30 at the village hall in Crowhurst Surrey and each at the cost of £40.00 a day payable by cheque when booking.
Bring a packed lunch with you (there are no shops nearby)  and note there will be tea and coffee available free during the day.

Some previous experience will be needed for these lessons, but enthusiasm will make up for some lack in ability in many cases! Do email me about suitability and expectations if there are any doubts.   ( ,

SHIFT 01 NOW SOLD OUT                        friday  March 2:2012
Primary Colours remixed   Colour for the thinking romantic
Think about a new colour pathway and redefine the word favourite. Ditch old Colouristic habits and think fresh thoughts on colour composition that will shape picture content.

SHIFT 02    NOW SOLD OUT                     friday  March 16:2012
Old Masters recycled     Plunder the past - borrow the best
What did Henry Moore take from the Mayans and Picasso from the Iberians, see how follow their creative paths and borrow from the ancients as well. See an infusion of past genius appear in your work.

SHIFT 03 NOW SOLD OUT                       friday  March 30:2012
Figure Painting re-configured     A new graphic language for figures
Creating a distinctive style is as hard as drawing the figure. Time here to re-establish what is natural to us when representing our fellow beings in our work. Fiendishly hard – hugely rewarding – worth a try.

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