Monday, January 16, 2012

Isadora comes to me again

Isadora Duncan

I am sometimes amazed by the past.
This charcoal of Isadora Duncan came with its owner to visit me on Saturday. There was mild concern about the surface of the charcoal as it seems to be peeling. It is nothing serious.

When I saw it I had no recollection of it, or drawing it - but I had signed it and it is definitely by my hand.
It is a wonderful piece of drawing, and I can say that because of a sense of removal and distance. The paper, cheap soft paper, has an abandoned drawing on the back, it is liberally washed with water over the charcoal and then more charcoal added with such passion the surface has suffered considerably.
For all that it looks effortless and I am amazed.
It is a lesson for me, a message from the past - an encouragement to feel, to go on and not be frightened.

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