Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Movements of the spirit

A first stage detail from 'interior'

OK, its 9.16am. Ruth is making marmalade in the kitchen and I must scribble a few words about the day.
I am very aware of my need to engage with work a pattern, so many 'important' interuptions prevent time alone to concentrate on the work in hand. A week or so ago I dashed this high keyed oil base image on a canvas. I liked the colour resister and the rough composition, to me it seems worth spending time more time on.
The arrangement is a well worn path for me,  namely a central section with figures and two 'wings' containing in this instance some abstract structure/garden suggestions.  The brown walking figure calls for revision and will be the first area to adjust, that in turn will guide me forwards.
This analysis of the work  along with consequent action is the essence of painting, consciousness of these movements of the spirit are at times clearer than at other times. As I will no doubt sit and review the progress, its value will then be apparent.
Next up : some fresh coffee

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