Monday, January 9, 2012

No rush


Some may recall an earlier blog about this image called aiming at the moon. I can report no progress!
This is an A4 size gouache sketch that has been propped up in the corner of my studio for about six weeks now. Having revisited Poussin in the Twombly exhibition last year at The Dulwich Picture Gallery that in turn had reminded me of Cezanne's large bathers being his attempt at 'a Poussin in nature' made me wonder what I could do.
In my mind is more space given to trees and I seek the power of the figure group to have a real presence below. It must draw from Poussin yet be clearly 2012.
I have a canvas ready, 1.2M high and opportunity this week but am at a loss as how to proceed. It seems that the weeks have not magically informed me of the way forward, neither has the compulsion to proceed abated - therefore - deep breaths, confidence building conversations with myself and suitable music are required!
Watch this space.

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