Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not hampered by habit

'Artists would paint better if their wrists were broken' Picasso

As I remember, that is what he said in the context of habitual dexterity. Growth and creativity are hampered by habit.
I have a damaged tendon in my right arm and told complete rest! This is when I recalled the words of Picasso.
After only one days rest I need to move on.
Tying my drawing arm into an improvised sling I test the theory to see is I can paint better.
I return to Psalm drawing #033 and try a coloured mixed media painting. (shown above)
I am surprised.
With oil sticks, Indian ink and some rough gouache I persuade the colours into this shape with my left hand, one that reflects the sense of #033.
The experiment was worthwhile. Somehow, the energy is concentrated and more vigorous; a plus for this sort of work.
Even after such a tricksy art game, I would prefer my arm back!

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