Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The procession of time

The room dedicated to Prints and Drawings in the British Museum is an old haunt of mine. Always quiet, free of queues and razzmatazz. Always full of amazing things, things in displays furnished with a shelf in front on which to place a sketch book - such a grown up place.
This drawing was made there some years ago, its a vigorous rendering that carries the spirit of procession, I would have been attracted to the lovely arrangement of figures with pipes and drums (did you notice the drum?) and no doubt, could not help but make a copy with my book on that shelf so thoughtfully provided by an earlier generation.
The reason this line drawing comes to light is in the shape of a piece canvas covered plywood, ready primed that I found alongside the plan-chest in the studio. Who knows, it was probably made about the same time as the procession drawing! I know they are made for each other. Last thing yesterday with the remaining pigment of the day I dashed in some Tiepolo colours to kill the white primer. All is set - let the music begin. 

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