Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mapping the mind

Hierarchy of thought

To look at a passive form and render it in two dimensions is a real skill.
Add to that the subtleties of light and colour diffusion and we think of Chardin and his like, sublime masters in their genre.
Then as we look at ourselves looking at a form we look at our response to the form - a self awareness that has dialogue with form. To draw that is a different genre.
My Psalm project looks at a dynamic, not a passive form. It considers a personal dialogue with a dynamic form. How to map that consciousness for a retinal reading is a task that is engaging. To this end I have started a small square drawing book to conduct a series of tests of which this is one.
Previous efforts in this area related to Romeo and Juliet as I sought to map the passion of that troubled relationship in some pieces called 'the passion of Romeo and Juliet' with some success. My Psalm project is more internal and more problematic - thus immediately more interesting.

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