Thursday, February 2, 2012

No unicorns today

I am attracted to shapes. This stark intrusion in the nature reserve at Rye Harbour stopped me, it insisted I record it.
That was Tuesday
All day today I have been working on shapes, not from this image, other ideas that I have that refuse to gel into any sort of manageable form. I draw, I paint and draw again to no avail. I am an artist - I am meant to deliver a stream of art for that is what I do. But no, not today.
In my drawing book, on the 15 November 2009 I wrote in pencil -

Healing wings
Under big trees in heavy wind
I sit on sandstone
with holly on the windward (SW) side

here without possessions
under the power of the wind
'moving the trees' higher up

not looking for revelation
only detachment from the domestic

not to invent
but to discover
to experience

(there follows 82 line drawings on about 16 pages) - it is these drawings I am trying to use - but today without success.

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