Monday, February 27, 2012

Sausages and Psalms

The third dimension

This is a wooden model for bronze resin casting. It is roughed out of oak, a shape derived from the third and last image in today's blog - drawing #16 in my book of Psalm ideas
Always best not to hurry these things, so it rested on a shelf above where I sit for meals - where I can take it in, almost without thinking. Then I saw a sort of 'stiffness' about it that had to be revised. Soon it was on the bench in three pieces to undergo subtle alterations.
I see the book of Psalms as a commentary on conversation, and the reflective gaze was just too confrontational - not engaging with the the mutual rapport I wanted, so they had to be cocked in a simulation of interest. Reassembled and repainted they are back on the shelf for sub-conscious appraisal while I consume sausage and onion gravy.

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