Friday, March 16, 2012

Francesco Guardi

Remembering and copying the Marina con Arco by Francesco Guardi
Today has been a teaching day. Spending time looking hard at the way Old masters still speak to us and through us. Most interesting is the way that Modern Masters access their thinking and use it successfully in contemporary art. Examples abound of work and with this in mind we worked on some development studies.
I have myself found great advantage in this exercise. First must be the looking, and a good way to assist that looking is to copy the work itself. Showing here is my watercolour copy of Francesco Guardi. This way I study every detail of form and structure, of balance and dynamics and how colour is chosen and applied. One begins to understand the piece - and when I understand I can move forward, I am more qualified to create, and with a greater pictorial vocabulary I am better placed to articulate my thoughts on the modern world.

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