Monday, March 19, 2012

Predella painting

A painting can take a long time.
Here is one I have that has been finished twice already!
Now it is dismantled and on the easel again three years later.
The piece consists of a main canvas with three small images beneath fitted into the same frame. In old Altarpieces these three were called a 'predella' and it's my present day predella that I've been working on. The one showing above is about 8cm square and despite its small size still needs to hold its own in the greater scheme of things.
I paint them together to maintain colour continuity with an eye also to the main picture. Working this small is demanding, a level of detail without picking, colour strength without being garish and so on.
I consider it all to be finished now - but how will it look when assembled - is the third finish just another finish . . . . . .

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