Friday, March 2, 2012

Thinking in colour

Teaching: and still learning

Today I ran a class on colour. In order to do this I wrote a lesson plan and thought it only proper to work through my own plan as a student. This was quite revealing as I looked over my work, a stumbling sort of start that slowly picked up to finish with the colour study above.
Today I witnessed 13 people do the same in various ways coming to various conclusions, all learning about mixing, precision and the placement of colour. Art is difficult. What fools they are in education who deem art a soft option. With infinite variables, abstract form and the need for highly tuned sensibility it borders on the impossible.
Dubuffet, said some perceptive things . . ." therefore it comes to a matter of paying great attention to inattention, to being very attentive in transcribing, as skilfully and faithfully as possible what happens to an object when one sees it without paying much attention to it ".
Or maybe Matisse when he said "Thus there is an inherent truth which must be disengaged from the outward appearance of the object to be represented - This is the only truth that matters.
I call it hunting unicorns - we spotted a few in the distance today.

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