Thursday, April 26, 2012

doing deadlines

Dogged determination and the confidence displayed by these two Hero's of the galaxy is required when putting on an exhibition. They are my role models as I steam through the mass of finishing and preparations required for a show like this. With over fifty new pieces to present and a myriad of supporting tasks to attend to  -  the days evaporate quicker than usual.
The framer is finishing work for tomorrow, and one piece, 'the foyer' had a frame change this morning when the Ashworth & Thompson rep came up with a Fab new and very chrome moulding suggestion - just perfect!
Don't forget we are open for the next two weeks Monday to Saturday for anyone who can't make the main show day on May 5th - Phone to make an appointment as others have already done to book a slot that suits you.
New pieces below are in place and begin to look the part - the next two days look like a bundle of fun!

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