Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning backwards

Learning backwards
There is a real danger of the media, or one's familiarity with a media, preventing movement or growth because of that very habitual usage. My relationship with charcoal goes back a long way and it developed into an ability to render quite a high level of realism in a pleasing way, like this jazz player or this ballet dancer.
It can be quite difficult to stop this when one wants to do something quite different. So, at the end of this recent batch of painting and while figures were fresh in my thinking I did some experimental charcoal drawing of the figures as they appear now. This intentional invert of sequence was to encourage a shift in my love affair with charcoal by moving it to a new place. Can I persuade the beautiful, simple and ancient medium to render new things for me - I know it can - its my hand/mind co-ordination that needs a little push out of the rut it has grown too comfortable with.

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