Friday, May 11, 2012

Archive 01

Nocturnal Dance

A good client of mine bought this gouche study last week. I tend to disregard old pieces like this untill someone stumps up real money for it and then I look again.
I am at the moment looking forward, thinking about the next move, what to paint and how to go about it. But once again I an reminded of the past, where I placed my feet the last time round as it were.
Always I flip between two or more styles, there is a precise, careful measured approach and then the opposite in a wild fling of energetic paint, like this. It would appear it is the way of things. One depends on the other. I climb the long stairway, then grasp a fragile wing and leap off the top in hope.
These wild flings are often unrecognized, hidden away - but over time, like decent wine, they mature and I begin to love them.

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