Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day trippers

   Holidays over . . . .  its time to translate the drawings from my Italian sketch book.
This one is 'like' a train, with a holiday feel. These are going to appear now and again during the summer. I did not actually see a train, but I did see some narrow gauge track by the river so I imagined the rest - its what artist do.
From a small 10cm square line drawing in the book I copy the idea onto a 30cm square piece of heavy paper and apply colour at will over stick drawn dilute ink wash line copy. This allows movement and prevents tight copying, moving the spirit of the sketch to remain alive. The loose treatment is in conversation with the traditionally precise axonometric projection, the latter used to brilliant effect in early Chinese art where the method was probably devised.
This and other gouache studies with be translated again into oil paint on canvas when again I will be looking to enhance the image while coding it more.

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