Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Italy revisited

I've been away.
I needed a sort of break and Arezzo sounded about right. Fine food and frescoes in abundance.
Having managed the crazy Italian traffic out of Florence airport on to the A1 Auto Srada and made it to Casa Volpi, peace reigned. My host Alessia offered me pigeon with some of their home grown/made red wine and I felt better.
I did very little for a couple of days.
A new drawing book had been tucked in my bag with a couple of pencils. Not drawing had seemed better than drawing.
My grandson Otto had asked me recently to draw him a train, I obliged. I remembered this and began to draw trains . . . . .and people. Then the hotel garden, then made up people in the garden and so on. After five days the book was almost full.
By the river there were deserted tables, I drew people at tables, There was narrow gauge railway tracks and a stazione -magic- more trains more people, then an abandoned pedalo, I drew boats and people for my boats, people on the train and people in the water. I ate wild pig and I ate pastries, I drank wine and espresso when the needed. Then fried eggs and truffle were on the menu, how could I pass it by!


  1. That's good enough for publishing in the Sunday Times! Fascinating! We went to Florence and a few other places about three years ago. The most outlandish thing was texting from the rim of Vesuvius!

    1. Thanks David, we were there 15yrs ago, it is as good as ever, and we caught a brilliant patch of weather that delivered that special Italian light!

    2. Forgot to mention we went to Volterra which is quite near Arezzo on our way south. What an unusual place. We were very taken with it. Must go back sometime while we can!


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