Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John Piper at Dorchester Abbey

I have a great affection for John Piper and his work. As a fledgling painter, the discovery of the man and his art had a huge influence on me during my belated introduction to modern masters.
To meet his work again today in the beautiful Dorchester Abbey (Oxfordshire) was a real pleasure. My sister drew my attention to this unsung treasure, and after laying on for us the most perfect summer lunch the three of us drove over the county border into Oxfordshire to the village Abbey.
Small shows are always the best shows, Piper in the lovely building and in this homely fashion was a real joy. His ability to be so sharp and so loose wins me over every time. Love and sensitivity abound.
A whole range of things are assembled there, note books, collage, lithographs, vestments, window designs, watercolours and a fantastic plate, worth the drive and the parking is free!

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